Live camera feed of the backyard poultry at Sage’s Acre doing important poultry stuff

Camera 1 – North

Chickens and ducks wandering around being chickens and ducks is very relaxing to watch. Definitely better than yoga or watching the sunset and almost as good as the crackling fireplace channel on TV.To demonstrate the power of pondering poultry, I set up a camera feed from the lower yard where the chicken and ducks live so you can sit, relax and watch them do chicken and duck stuff.

The camera sits under an orange tree in the orchard a few feet from the poultry feeders. The birds roam about from sun up to a little before dusk. The ducks usually eat first thing in the a.m., again late in the morning, and drop back in one final time for a quick dinner about an hour before sunset. The chickens, on the other hand, will drop by for a snack most any time.

Beyond the ducks and chickens there’s a lot of random critters and varmits that show up for a free meal, as well as the occassional hawk, coyote, bobcat, etc. that show up for the same reason.

The camera is live every weekend from 9am until around 4pm. If you catch it during the week, it’s a re-broadcast of the previous Sunday.



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