An acre of dirt and a fertile imagination

Fresh Dirt

Duck, Duck, Chicken…

What do poultry do when they think we’re not watching?

Turns out not much. Mostly just chicken and duck stuff.

But they are relaxing to watch, so here’s the live camera on the lower yard that 13 chickens and 15 ducks call “home.” The chickens are a color-pack of breeds ranging from two to 12 years (note: banty roosters live a long time). The ducks are all descendants of the original six we started with 20 years ago, so they’ve had a little “genetic drift” (if you know what I mean).

Every so often you’ll also see a scene straight out of a nature show. Hawks. Snakes. Dragons. The whole thing.

Live feed of chicken camera

New(-ish) Stuff at Sage’s Acre