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How Sage’s garden grows

1906, 2020

Making Summer Pickles

If you love authentic dill pickles, there's nothing better or simpler to make than old fashioned deli-style summer pickles. This recipe dates back to 1900 and uses just a few spices and natural fermentation to make some of the best homemade pickles you'll ever taste. No refrigeration or fancy gadgets required.

206, 2020

What is this Plant?

Wandering along the shady east side of the acre today, I came across this in flower. The plant is a sort of leggy vine sort that's been growing there for years, but I've never seen it flower. Anyone know what it is? Update: Thanks to Reddit and /u/ArtsyPhartsyWoman, I figured out that it was a Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica)!

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