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11 03, 2020

How to Make Awesome Hot Sauce

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I like a good hot sauce. Not the mouth blistering hot stuff, but the spicy, complex kind that delivers a wave of interesting flavors as well as heat. For me, fermented hot sauces are the best at delivering that combination. Making fermented hot sauce is easy too. All you need is peppers, salt, water and a little time. Here's my basic 1 week hot sauce recipe, and a more exotic 6 month one that's a favorite every year.

9 01, 2020

Make your own Mustard

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Making your own mustard is dead simple and delicious! Here's how to do it. (TL/DR: Click here to skip straight to the recipe) My wife loves mustard. Not the vinegary yellow liquid you get in packets at the hamburger joint, but the spicy, seedy brown stuff that’ll make your eyes water and sinuses clear along with the tongue tingling goodness. If we don’t have 10 different varieties on hand at all times, she’ll claim “we’re out of mustard!” and carry  [keep reading...]

10 12, 2019

Terri’s Biga Recipe

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The secret to great bread is old dough. Not the “hey, I found this package of ready-bake biscuits at the back of the fridge” type of old dough, but the kind that turns a pretty good loaf into a delicious toasty, tangy, chewy, sensory delight. Old dough is the magic behind sourdough as well as many Italian, French and other breads and goes by names like “biga”, “poolish” and “starter.” Bakers call these “pre-ferments”, but it’s more accurate to call  [keep reading...]