8 08, 2014

Turkey Fig

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Years ago I planted a six inch fig seedling next to the chicken coop. I didn't water it or really do anything other than ignore it. In return the tree rewards us (and about 300 birds) with around 100 lbs of delicious figs each August. The birds and us can't eat them all fresh so we like to pick a bunch and dry them for cooking later. My wife uses them in pies and a variety of dishes all winter  [keep reading...]

6 08, 2014

San Diego Tomatoes

By |2014-08-02T11:35:11-07:00August 6th, 2014|Garden|

"You've got to try these!" a friend of mine who works at a nursery said. "They're San Diego Tomatoes and they saved San Diego!" From what they saved San Diego I have no idea (and neither did my friend), but they're a tasty mid-sized slicer and boy do they like growing in San Diego. This photos shows the haul from just two tomato plants.

4 08, 2014

Rattlesnake Beans

By |2014-08-02T11:29:54-07:00August 4th, 2014|Garden|

A delicious pole bean either eaten fresh or dried, the vines always put out way more than we can eat, so we wind up with lots dried and used in soups and chili during the winter. Not sure why they're called "rattlesnake beans though. They don't look or sound like rattlesnakes.

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