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I’m just a guy with nearly an acre of dirt, a nice little mid-century ranch house and a near-perfect climate. But in my mind I’m a landscaper survivalist craftsman chef naturalist with a barbeque the size of a VW and my own cable TV show. I like to write about the stuff I build, grow and see here at Sage's Acre.
12 08, 2020

How About Them Apples?

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This isn't an apple, it's a bell pepper. The parents, a California Wonder and a Chocolate Bell pepper, made these big, beautiful red peppers with a little deep purple blush. Thick walled and sweet, it's a great pepper for stuffing as well as eating fresh. Thick walled and very sweet. A good pepper for stuffing and in sauces.

11 08, 2020

Big Ol’ Tomaters

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One of the pleasant surprises of the season are these Costaluto Italian heirloom tomatoes. They bear big, meaty fruit (8 - 22 ounces) in clusters of six. The plants definitely need heavy duty support because they produce 20 - 30 pounds of fruit per plant. The flavor is outstanding.

29 07, 2020

Let Me Show You a Photo of My Baby… Watermelon

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Even watermelons are adorable when they're babies. This is Little Baby Flower, a compact plant that produces 10-12 fruit only 6" across when ripe. Perfect melon for 2.

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