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23 04, 2017

Lazy Garden Tip: Golden Poppies are Super Easy to Grow

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Golden poppies that blew in and made themselves comfortable Its pretty hard to find a plant that's easier to grow than one that turn up at random and proceed to takeover. Bonus points when it's not an invasive weed but a native flower you actually. Last year we had a few golden poppies blow in here from who knows where and put on a nice early spring display before disappearing again. This past rainy season (basically November to  [keep reading...]

3 04, 2017

The vegetable garden is off to a great start

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Basil, Peas, loose leaf lettuces, cucumbers and some ball cabbage transplanted April rolled in and we've got plants in the beds. Of the stuff we planted back in March, here's what went in the ground this weekend: Oregon Sugar Pod Peas Genovese Basil (pesto) Danish Ball Head Cabbage Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix National Pickling Cucumber The tomatoes broccoli and cauliflower aren't ready to go quite yet, but hopefully they will be in a week or so. It's warm  [keep reading...]