Last Updated:March 12, 2020

Making banana chips is dead simple and much cheaper than buying them at the store. All you need is some bananas and a dehydrator.

  1. Step 1: Let the bananas get a little over-ripe (softening and getting brown spots). That will prevent them from getting hard and wood-like when they’re dried.
  2. Ice Cream banana hands ready to be made banana chips

  3. Step 2: Peel the bananas and slice them about 1/4-inch thick, placing the slices on your dehydrator tray so the banana pieces don’t touch.
  4. Ice Cream (Blue Java) bananas on the drying rack getting ready to make chips

  5. Step 3: Put them on the dehydrator and set it to low (heat). Let the dehydrator run for 24 hours. If you have a lot of trays, make sure to rotate them top to bottom a few times over the 24 hours so they dry evenly.
  6. Step 4: After 24 hours on low, set the dehydrator to fan only (no heat) and let it run for a couple more hours. This will get rid of any stickiness on the chips and make them easier to get off the tray.
  7. Step 5: Store in an airtight container and enjoy.
  8. Blue Java (Ice Cream) Bananas after drying

(I told you it was easy!)