26 06, 2020

A Rustic Steel and Cedar Window Box

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A little time and less than $20 made this cool window box planter (TL/DR: Click here to skip straight to the instructions) Our house is a 1950’s single story California ranch. Long and low, it has lots of big windows that bring in fresh air and light keeping the house cool in the summer and naturally lit in the winter. The guest bathroom has a large window with a view out across the deck down to the orange grove. The  [keep reading...]

24 03, 2020

Natives and Newcomers

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Wildflowers, some native, some not, growing among the weeds in spring 2020 The wildflowers are a mixed bag, but they're better than weeds There's a strip of The Acre that borders chaparral and oak surrounding the pond. Technically, it's "defensible space" mandated by the fire department, so it's supposed to be cleared of weeds and growth in the fire season, which is roughly June to October when things are dry and hot. But during the winter and early spring it  [keep reading...]

28 04, 2014


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One of the kids got a seed packet of pansies (or "Alice in Wonderland flowers" as my wife refers to them) last year. I threw them in a pot and didn't think about them much for the past 9 months. Now they're blooming like there's no tomorrow.

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