18 11, 2019

Photo of the Day: Bowl Gourds

By |2019-11-18T10:55:06-08:00November 18th, 2019|Photos|

Gourds are cool. Not only do the vines look nifty while they're growing, but they leave behind future bowls, birdhouses, planters and other craft projects. This year a bowl gourd plant showed up and decided to make its home on the north fence of the vegetable garden... and the orange trees... and the bottle brush trees. Now that the vines have died back there's about a dozen well-shaped gourds in various states of dryness handing on the fence, and one  [keep reading...]

28 10, 2019

Photo of the Day: A bathtub’s worth of luffa sponges

By |2019-10-28T09:21:58-07:00October 28th, 2019|Photos|

A couple years ago I planted some luffas, which proceeded to sprawl out, climb into the trees and take over a large section of the west garden. Even though I removed every luffa I could find, some were still left stranded high in the trees. Each of the past two years those leftover luffas have dropped seeds into hidden spaces and grown more luffas. Here's a bathtub's worth of luffa gourds from this weekend's cleanup. Free seeds for anyone who  [keep reading...]

22 07, 2017

Grow your own all natural luffa sponges

By |2019-11-06T14:07:37-08:00July 22nd, 2017|Garden|

Forget $6 for that all natural sponge at the bath store. You can grow a enough to fill a whole bathtub for about $2. I used to grow luffa sponges for farmers markets, outdoor festivals, street fairs and the like. People would walk by the booth, see these huge bushel baskets of Luffas in every size from a pickle up to a baseball bat. Nearly every time the first question was "how do you grow these?" Rather than giving  [keep reading...]

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