22 02, 2017

A Rare Skink Sighting

By |2019-10-05T08:37:35-07:00February 22nd, 2017|Garden, Photos|

We've no lack of reptiles here on the acre. Gopher snakes, king snakes, the occasional rattlesnake, alligator lizards and western fence lizards (aka, the "blue belly") are all common sights around here. Actually, the fence lizard is so common in summer that you'll nearly walk on a dozen just crossing the yard. What isn't a common sight though is a skink -- a western skink in this case. These guys are usually pretty shy. I've only seen a few over  [keep reading...]

21 05, 2014

Getting The Eye

By |2014-05-21T09:17:48-07:00May 21st, 2014|Garden|

Found this little guy staring at me from an empty flower pot as I was walking up from the orchard. He did some scary lizard push-ups to show me who was boss, so I snapped his picture and moved on before he charged me.

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