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15 09, 2020

All Hail the Mighty Brassica

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Broccoli with burns from the recent heat wave I'm still dealing with the damage from last week's monster heat wave so most of the vegetable garden looks like a flamethrower came through it. Amazingly, even though it was hot enough hot enough to burn the leathery blue-green leaves of my cauliflower and broccoli, the heads made it through just fine. They might even look better than before they were hit with triple digit temps and full sun. All  [keep reading...]

12 08, 2020

How About Them Apples?

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This isn't an apple, it's a bell pepper. The parents, a California Wonder and a Chocolate Bell pepper, made these big, beautiful red peppers with a little deep purple blush. Thick walled and sweet, it's a great pepper for stuffing as well as eating fresh. Thick walled and very sweet. A good pepper for stuffing and in sauces.

11 08, 2020

Big Ol’ Tomaters

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One of the pleasant surprises of the season are these Costaluto Italian heirloom tomatoes. They bear big, meaty fruit (8 - 22 ounces) in clusters of six. The plants definitely need heavy duty support because they produce 20 - 30 pounds of fruit per plant. The flavor is outstanding.

5 01, 2020

Chinese Cabbage – “Minuet”

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I picked up a packet of "Minuet" Chinese cabbage seed from @johnnyseeds last winter because they described as the "best mini variety." I didn't get a chance to plant it until this past fall and picked the first head yesterday for a stir fry dinner. My plants are closer to 15 inches tall rather than the 9 inches mentioned in the catalog, but they're very upright and grow quite comfortably just a foot apart. Nothing -- cold, rain, slugs, etc.  [keep reading...]

24 12, 2019

Keyhole Garden Progress – December 24, 2019

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A Pacific storm rolled in giving us about 2 inches of rain and considerably colder temperatures. Our mountains got snow, we got frost, but the keyhole garden doesn't seem to notice. The lettuces and Chinese cabbage are really leafing out and the broccoli and red cabbage are getting tall. Even the cilantro, which is kind of picky about too hot or too cold, is growing well.

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