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3 12, 2019

Dry Creek Flows Again (Video)

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Until November 27th, we hadn't had any rain in 186 days. Then the Thanksgiving storm rolled in off the Pacific and proceeded to dump so much water that the dry creek in my lower yard flowed the earliest it has in years. Normally we don't see water in it until late January or February. Guess it's going to be a wet year.

15 11, 2019

The Ducks Get a New Water Dish

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The term "like a duck to water" takes on new meaning when your ducks get a new water dish. When I put the empty dish down there wasn't a duck in sight. The moment water came out of the hose, boom, 19 ducks appeared, so I took a quick video of them. I think this is the duck equivalent of hanging around the water cooler.