Golden poppies that blew in and made themselves comfortable

Its pretty hard to find a plant that’s easier to grow than one that turn up at random and proceed to takeover. Bonus points when it’s not an invasive weed but a native flower you actually.

Last year we had a few golden poppies blow in here from who knows where and put on a nice early spring display before disappearing again. This past rainy season (basically November to March) however, we got a lot of rain and, holy cow, more than a few golden poppies. They’re everywhere this year, turning some parts of The Acre into mini-ponds of gold and orange. More importantly, the ducks and chickens don’t see to care for the flowers (though the plants seem to make nice seats for feathered butts), so they’re thriving in places that I had given up to tough shrubs and oak trees.

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for a showy flower that can survive some rough conditions and come beack looking great each year, try Golden Poppies. You won’t be disappointed.