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11 03, 2020

How to Make Awesome Hot Sauce

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I like a good hot sauce. Not the mouth blistering hot stuff, but the spicy, complex kind that delivers a wave of interesting flavors as well as heat. For me, fermented hot sauces are the best at delivering that combination. Making fermented hot sauce is easy too. All you need is peppers, salt, water and a little time. Here's my basic 1 week hot sauce recipe, and a more exotic 6 month one that's a favorite every year.

14 01, 2020

Hot Sauce Batch 19 – entry 11

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The hot sauce has been quietly fermenting in a cool, dark area of the garage for several weeks now. It was before Christmas when I added the toasted oak staves and the last of the fresh peppers from the garden, so the bright red color is giving way to a duller brick red/orange. The peppers, which I added whole, are beginning to dissolve and fall apart, leaving a layer of pepper seeds at the bottom of the jar. A little  [keep reading...]

26 11, 2019

Hot Sauce Batch 19 – entry 7

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Another addition of 4 ounces or so of fresh peppers and a pinch of salt. Heavy rain last week knocked most of the remaining peppers off the plants, so we're coming to the end of fresh pepper additions for this year (yeah, I know, I write that every week -- but this time it's probably true). I'm going to let this ferment one more week then add oak and send the batch to age until March.

19 11, 2019

Hot Sauce Batch 19 – entry 6

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It's week seven of my hot sauce fermentation. I added another 4 ounces or so of fresh peppers, salt and more water and gave it a good stir. The fermentation is now giving off a tangy smell that's both spicy and funky. I figure I'll only have room for one more addition of fresh peppers before I add small amount of toasted oak and set it aside to age through the winter. The liquid is getting a little murky from  [keep reading...]

19 10, 2019

Photo of the Day: Hidden Lake Hot Peppers

By |2019-10-19T07:57:40-07:00October 19th, 2019|Tags: , , , |

Fifty degree swings between day and night temperatures are making tough for the plants remaining in the vegetable garden, but the Cayenne/Thai peppers we call "Hidden Lake Hot" are still hanging in there. They'll continue to produce right up until rain and frost does them in.

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