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26 03, 2020

The Four Ducksketeers

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Mamma hatched these four and their sister two years ago this month. Mamma is a Swedish Blue duck and dad's a mallard. Together they made these fashionably gray-tonal boys (their sister looks like mamma). They still hang out together but they don't do much other than eat, hangout and get into trouble, so we call them the "Ducksketeers". Clockwise from top left, that's Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D'Artagnen.

15 11, 2019

The Ducks Get a New Water Dish

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The term "like a duck to water" takes on new meaning when your ducks get a new water dish. When I put the empty dish down there wasn't a duck in sight. The moment water came out of the hose, boom, 19 ducks appeared, so I took a quick video of them. I think this is the duck equivalent of hanging around the water cooler.

25 07, 2014

Four Fresh Ducklings

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We've had one duck sitting on a nest since April, occasionally tossing an egg out of her nest when she felt it had gone bad. Truthfully we didn't think anything was going to come from her broodiness until this morning this morning when we spotted her with four new ducklings. If you check the Chickencam every so often, you might catch a glimpse of them.

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