Even half-serious plant collectors have an “Island of Misfits” — plants that you don’t really want or need, but for some reason you keep anyway. It starts with one stuck in some out of the way place, but after a while you keep adding other plants to it until you realize that the “island” is starting to get crowded.

I don’t have an island of misfits. It’s more like an island chain that dots the acre. This particular ragtag bunch are succulents that I found growing places they shouldn’t be (we get lots of “volunteers” here), so I stuck them in the west end of the greenhouse until I figure out what to do with them.

I just noticed yesterday that, for a motley bunch of leftovers, it’s not a bad looking group.

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Sage Osterfeld
I’m just a guy with nearly an acre of dirt, a nice little mid-century ranch house and a near-perfect climate. But in my mind I’m a landscaper survivalist craftsman chef naturalist with a barbeque the size of a VW and my own cable TV show. I like to write about the stuff I build, grow and see here at Sage's Acre.