I picked up a packet of “Minuet” Chinese cabbage seed from @johnnyseeds last winter because they described as the “best mini variety.” I didn’t get a chance to plant it until this past fall and picked the first head yesterday for a stir fry dinner.

My plants are closer to 15 inches tall rather than the 9 inches mentioned in the catalog, but they’re very upright and grow quite comfortably just a foot apart. Nothing — cold, rain, slugs, etc. — seems to bother them, so they’re all quite healthy and require almost no care. The outer leaves are deep green and a tad fiberous, but the inner head is crisp and perfect. In stir fry they keep a touch of crispness and have a slightly sweet flavor so they’re a nice addition rather than just vegetable filler. I’ll definitely grow these again.

Seeds are on the Johnny’s Seeds website available here.