Last week it was 80 degrees, these week we’re lucky to get above 60°. Worse, it’s been dipping below freezing for the past four nights so all of my tropicals and sub-tropicals — bananas, sassafras, passion fruit, guava, canna lilies, kiwis, etc. — are all fried.

But not the keyhole garden. It continues to produce like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve been harvesting lettuce and cilantro all week and it just seems to grow right back. Garlic, broccoli and cabbage are thriving as well.

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Sage Osterfeld
I’m just a guy with nearly an acre of dirt, a nice little mid-century ranch house and a near-perfect climate. But in my mind I’m a landscaper survivalist craftsman chef naturalist with a barbeque the size of a VW and my own cable TV show. I like to write about the stuff I build, grow and see here at Sage's Acre.