Late last spring I got a Salvia Bee’s Bliss from my friend @linsaycrazyplantlady’s nursery. I planted it near the rocks by the fish pond and left it do its thing.

Turns out there were a couple of giant white squill bulbs lurking below the surface in that location that I had forgotten. In November the squill erupted from the ground, leafed out, and completely covered the Bee’s Bliss.

And so I forgot about the little sage.

Yesterday while doing some badly needed weeding I noticed these little lilac flowers poking out from under the squill leaves.

A closer look showed me the Bee’s Bliss had grown up and around the squill bulbs whose thick leaves had protected the little plant from the freezes early in the month. These first two blooms are just the beginning of what looks like a very flowery month.

Sometimes my lazy forgetful approach to landscaping results in a happy coincidence. Hooray nature.