Rogue ducks waddling away as fast as they can

Spring is here and the grass is green so we opened the gates by the shed to let the poultry do a little landscape maintenance.

Normally, there’s no problem with this arrangement. But lately one band of our ducks (the Ducksketeers I wrote about a short time ago), has taken it upon themselves to get into all sorts of trouble. They raided the koi pond, they rooted the potato garden, and now they’ve somehow figured out how to get all the way up to the house.

This is the view I have out my bedroom window four or five times a day lately.

I have to admit, I am a bit impressed. There’s at least two hills and a low fence they have to climb, and they’re not the most nimble of birds, so they go through some effort to get up here.

Those five rogue ducks are bad enough but the bigger problem is they seem to be teaching some of the others their bad habits. I caught Eggbert and Topknot (two other ducks) trying to climb the low fence this morning.