Just part of what we’ve preserved this week

We made a commitment to not let any of the garden produce go to waste this year (much to the chicken’s disappointment), so we’ve been canning, drying, pickling and preserving everything possible.

The tally for the past 7 days is:

7 gallons – Tomato sauce
4 gallons – Whole tomato
2 gallons – Spaghetti sauce
2 gallons – Pizza sauce
2 gallons – blackberry jam
2 gallons – Pickled peppers
1½ gallons – Cucumber pickles
1 gallon – roasted peppers
1 pound – roasted peppers (dried)

Still have a ways to go though. The tomato plants don’t even look tired, and the hot peppers are just kicking into high gear.

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Sage Osterfeld
I’m just a guy with nearly an acre of dirt, a nice little mid-century ranch house and a near-perfect climate. But in my mind I’m a landscaper survivalist craftsman chef naturalist with a barbeque the size of a VW and my own cable TV show. I like to write about the stuff I build, grow and see here at Sage's Acre.