Sansevieria Picture Window

By Published On: February 5th, 20210.6 min readCategories: Photos

Sansevieria (aka: Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Snake Plant) is one of those great plants that requires almost no water and will thrive whether it’s in shade or sun. Here in San Diego it’s also equally happy indoors or out.

I had one that has outgrown the pot it was in, so I divided it and replanted a bunch into planters I fashioned from a fallen giant agave (Agave Americana) flower. The parent plant now sits in family room under the skylight and in front of the large picture window along with Dracaena, jade plant, and some other odd little succulents.

Now when you’re sitting in that room it’s hard to tell where “indoors” ends and “outdoors” begins because it all melts together into a sort of “Jarassic Jungle.”

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