A happy 13th “hatchday” to Gaucho the bantam rooster. It was on this day back in 2008 his momma, Cake, first appeared with him and two brothers and sisters. They have all since passed, but Gaucho continues to be as spry and magnificently feathered as he was when his was just a young cock of the walk.

Even though Gaucho is the smallest rooster (and the smallest chicken) in the flock, he continues to rule the roost, putting the younger, larger roosters to shame with his bright colors, elaborate dance and commanding presence.

There’s little doubt why then hens prefer to hang with Gaucho; he’s like a tiny Antonio Banderas with feathers. He’s also frequently appears on Chickencam, so you can check him out there.

Here’s a quick video of him being magnificent from the top of the wood chipper: