When it comes to flavor, you can’t beat fresh, homemade summer pickles

A fresh-made batch of summer pickles

Just trying to keep up with the produce coming out of the garden is a full time job right now. Since we’re trying not to let anything go to waste, I’m packing all these extra cucumbers to make summer pickles. Normally I’ll just let them ferment in brine with black peppercorn, bay leaf and dill, but for this first batch of the season I decided to turn the flavor up a notch. So in addition to the usual base flavorings, I also added a couple teaspoons each of coriander and allspice then topped it off with some dried hot peppers.

After a week to 10 days, I’ll add a cup of white vinegar to stop the fermentation, let the mix sit for a couple days more to let the flavors mingle, and boom, fresh delicious dill pickles!

Click here for my basic go to recipe for summer pickles.