Last summer sunset of 2021

The last sunset of the summer taken at twilight on September 21, 2021

I snapped this shot of the last sunset of the summer right at twilight (7:11PM).

While it was a warm summer, it was substantially cooler on average than previous years. The hottest day, coincidentally was today (September 21) when temps peaked at 98°. By contrast, the summer of 2020 peaked on September 6th at 110°

Interestingly, summer isn’t usually the hottest time of year hear. That honor goes to early autumn. Last year we hit 101° on October 1. In 2019 we hit that same temperature on October 24.

Both of those are nothing compared to 2017, however. The October of that year saw us hit 100°+ five times between October 15th and 25th, with the 24th making our all time high of 112°F