Batch 22 Hot Sauce – Entry 2

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a bowl of cayenne peppers

Week 2’s pepper addition to Batch 22

Author’s Note: Every year since 2001, I’ve made a slow fermented hot sauce from a Cayenne/Thai-cross hot pepper we grow here. The hot sauce takes around six months to finish and, like wine and other fermented foods, each vintage is a little different from the other. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, so I write these notes to track the progress and hope I learn how to produce more good than bad.

A little over a week ago I began fermenting Batch 22 of my hot sauce using peppers from plants that have been in production since 2020.

Over the weekend I checked the initial ferment, which looks pretty good, and gave the peppers a stir. Then I added about two pints of fresh-picked peppers, added enough water to submerge them, and tossed in two tablespoons of Kosher salt to keep the brine active.

hot peppers in a jar of brine

The fermenter after the second pepper addition

The weather has cooled a bit over the past week, so I expect the ferment will also slow, which is fine. We’ve still got around 12 weeks of new pepper additions before we send it off to over-winter.

Batch 22 Timeline

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