Last Updated: September 9, 2023

An orange Braziliam Bellflower in bloom

A Brazilian bellflower hanging overhead in the subtropical garden

While there are a lot of different Abutilon varieties, Abutilon megapotamicum (aka: “The Brazilian Bellflower”) is one of my favorites.

Unlike others in this genus, these guys like to grow tall (8-10 ft / 3 m) and leggy, with yellow and green speckled leaves and orange bell-shaped flowers that bloom from December to May. I like to plant them in areas where I’m trying enclose the garden so it’s sort of a “room” in which you’re surrounded by leafy subtropicals and these grow above your head forming a “roof” of dappled yellow and green maple leaves and pretty orange flowers that look down at you.

A Brazilian bellflower in bloom

Light through a leafy “rooftop” of Brazilian bellflower

My only complaint is that hummingbirds also love these flowers, so when they’re in full bloom you can get dive-bombed repeatedly.