These two buff orpingtons are kind of freaking me out

Two chickens standing on a hillside

Bad Buff and Buffy the Corn Slayer have setup watch outside our sunroom window

We moved the poultry up to a secure are closer to the house after a couple of brazen, midday coyote attacks.

The ducks seem happy to chill under the fig tree by the water dishes. Most of the hens hang out at the west end of the yard where it’s a veritable chicken spa with fresh scattered scratch, afternoon dust baths, and plenty of shade under the shed.

The buffs (Bad Buff and Buffy the Corn Slayer), however, have discovered the east end has a path that follows the side of the house up to the sunroom. Now whenever someone’s in there to read, watch TV or whatever, the pair stands there and stares at them through the window.

Now, a lot of people would say “oh, they’re just trying to figure out what they’re seeing through the window.” But I know chickens share a common relative with velociraptors and they’re actually jungle fowl.

These two are going native and trying to figure out if they can eat us. I can see it in their eyes.