Make a Speaker Holder From a Gourd

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It’s not exactly high design, but an old gourd makes a pretty good holder for my Bluetooth speaker

a speaker sitting on a gourd cut in half

A clam shell Bluetooth speaker holder made from a gourd

I have what you might call a “surplus” of gourds.

The other day I pulled the ones hanging to dry in last year’s garden thinking there were only two or three left. Now I have a wheelbarrow and a 30 gallon trash can full of gourds.

a wheelbarrow filled with dried gourds

There were more than 2 or 3 gourds still hanging in the garden

Oh, and that’s in addition to the two 30 gallon trash cans of gourds I have from the garden two years ago.

So, like I said, surplus.

Gourd Craft Galore

Anyway, having so many gourds and a compulsive need to put them to good use, I find various ways to use them around the Acre.

A dipper gourd hanging on a fence

The dipper gourd phone cradle in the veggie garden

Naturally, I have planters, birdhouses, dippers, bowls, scrubby sponges, and all your usual gourd crafts.

I also have some more utilitarian applications for them.

There’s a birdhouse gourd I turned into a protective house for my weathercam, a bottle gourd made into a dispenser for the jute twine I use to tie stuff, and even a cradle made from a dipper gourd to keep my phone cool when I’m working in the garden.

My most recent gourd adaptation is a holder and sun hat for the bluetooth speaker in my greenhouse (the plants and I like to listen to Yacht Rock when were playing in the dirt).

As you might guess, the light and heat of the greenhouse is hostile to electronics, so I had been keeping the speaker on a shelf out of the sun. But the shady shelf is on the opposite side of the greenhouse from the solar panel outlets so every time I want to charge it, I have to move it to the outlets where it’s usually in the way of something.

Then the other day I was staring at my wheelbarrow full of gourds wondering where to put them when I saw a bowl (aka: canteen) gourd that looked to be a little wider than my speaker.

Clam Shell Speaker Holder

A quick comparison against the speaker, and yeah, it was the perfect width. So I cut the bowl gourd halfway down horizontally and vertically to create a sort of clam shell to cradle the speaker (and reflect the bass from the rear).

Then I screwed it to a 8-inch long piece of 1-in. x 2-in. wood and used an “L” bracket to mount it on the green house wall a little above the power outlets. Then I put the top of the gourd on the speaker to protect it from the sun.

Boom. Awesome eco-friendly speaker stand.

The stand gives me access to both sides of the speaker, so charging, switching it on/off, and changing the volume are a breeze. It’s out of the direct sun and the higher mount without the shelf in the way makes it sound clearer too.

Plus `Toothy (that’s the speaker’s name) kind looks cool with his hat on.

a speaker sitting on a gourd cut in half

A clam shell Bluetooth speaker holder made from a gourd

I’m pretty pleased with this little gourd adaptation. The plants and I all agree Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville has never sounded better. Let’s crank it up.

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