Sure, it’s hotter than Hades, but it’s hard not to smile when you’ve got bell peppers smiling back at you.

The cut off tops of two bell peppers

When you smile, your vegetables smile back at you

Slicing the tops off a couple freshly harvested bell peppers, I discovered smiling faces on the inside!

These happy guys are Big Red, an open pollinated bell pepper that’s low maintenance and high yielding. Here’s one of the fruit:

A bright red ripe bell pepper

Big Red is an open pollinated bell pepper with a candy apple color

As you can see, they’re practically a candy-apple red, but the flavor is very much a fresh, sweet bell pepper taste.

Because they’re an open pollinated variety, if you keep them from cross-pollinating with other peppers, the seeds will faithfully reproduce these deep red, flavorful peppers year in and out.

These guys are descendants of seeds I purchased way back in 2005, and they remain my go to bell pepper to this day.