This Chicken Ranges a Little Too Freely

By Published On: May 12th, 20240.8 min readCategories: Photos
A chicken sanding on a Mexican tile floor inside a house

Uhhh, there’s a chicken in the hall by the bedrooms

Rhode Island Reds are a chicken breed well-known for being friendly and comfortable around people. One Rhodey especially.

This is Remmy (short for Red Menace). Remy is very comfortable with people.

She is also smarter than the average chicken.

Somehow Remmy has figured out a) how to go through the dog door in the garage, b) how to navigate the kitchen to the dining room c) go around the corner to the living room d) through the living room to the hall that leads to the bedroom where, e) I encountered her.

She show zero fright and no behavior to indicate that she might have been anywhere she wasn’t supposed to be. In fact, she ignored me, kept walking down the hall, and tried to go into the bathroom.

This chicken has become a little too free range.

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