Photo: Last Sunset of Spring 2024

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A sunset

Sunset on June 19 2024 looking toward the Pacific Ocean

That’s a wrap! Spring ends today at 1:50 PM PDT, so last night’s sunset was the final one of the season.

The ocean is still kind of cool, so the cloudy marine layer continues to hang over it in the early evening and morning (you can see it there behind the palm tree in the center of the photo). But the days are now warm and sunny without being oppressively hot as they tend to get in the second half of summer.

Better yet, the mosquitos and nighttime insects haven’t really started en masse yet, so it’s nice to lounge on the deck at sunset.

In other words, the weather’s perfect. A great way to start the summer.

Gardening by the Moon

Incidentally, if you’re a gardener who follows the phases of the moon, tomorrow, June 21st, is a full moon (aka: the full Strawberry moon), and it marks the beginning of strawberry picking season in temperate zones.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s also a good time to plant late season root crops such as onions, potatoes, beets, and carrots.

Personally, I’ll be doing a little harvesting of the remainder of the spring crops — especially the lettuces, carrots, cilantro and a couple other tings that are getting a little long in the tooth.

Other than that though, I’ll be in a lounge chair with a cold drink, good music, and maybe some steaks on the barbecue.


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