Peas and Carrots in the Keyhole Garden

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Spring is well underway in the keyhole garden

Pea vines growing on a trellis in a raised bed garden

Peas and Carrots in April growing in the keyhole garden

It’s late April and all the gardens are springing to life in anticipation of the warm summer days to come. The keyhole garden is leading the way with the peas (Oregon Sugar) and carrots (Rainbow Mix) practically erupting from it.

Over the past month or so they’ve both tripled in size and are getting close to harvest time.

March to April

As you can see from the “then and now” photos below, most of the Freckles lettuce (from right) has rotated out and been replaced by a combination of a mix of loose leaf lettuces and a smattering of Ice Queen heirloom lettuces which should keep us in the green stuff until early summer.

The cauliflower (back right in the March photo) was harvested a couple of weeks ago just in time for the carrots to take off.

A keyhole garden in March with winter vegetables in itA keyhole garden with peas, carrots and lettuce growing in it

Meanwhile over on the left side of the garden, the red lettuce and two radishes have bolted and will soon be chicken food to make way for the bell peppers that overwintered underneath.

Behind the lettuce you can also see some cilantro and a celery (back left) that mysteriously appeared among the carrots.

What you can’t see are the Boston Pickling cucumbers and dill plants currently sheltered under the pea vines. Once the peas are cleared in a few weeks, they’ll be taking over as part of the pickle phase of the garden.

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