Gardener’s Log : Keyhole Garden day 585.

Well, if you want to hammer a keyhole garden into submission, making it rain followed by high winds and near 80° heat, followed by overnight lows that dip into the 30s, followed by more near 80° temperatures again, is certainly one way of doing it.

40 degree plus temperature swing in 24 hours

The poor pumpkin, which was thriving a couple weeks ago, is done in, as is most of the basil and the remaining sweet pepper and tomato. The only things that seemed to come through unscathed are the Tom Thumb peas (front left of the keyhole garden).

That’s okay though. After a strong spring and summer, the soil level in the raised bed has shrunk several inches, so it’s a good time to get in there and top it off with more compost before I plant the winter lettuces, spinach, cabbage and onions.