Keyhole Garden – October 12, 2020

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Gardener’s Log : Keyhole Garden date 569.

Now that we’re several weeks into fall, the temperatures are making their annual wobble between hot and cold. The days are still in the 80’s with the occasional tip into the low 90’s, but the nights are now dipping into the mid-50’s and flirting with the upper 40’s a couple days a week. For most of the plants here, those big temperature swings and longer nights are a signal to wrap things up for the year.

The cucumbers folded first, followed by the tomatillos and bunching onions just before autumn began. The tomatoes, both the Yellow Pear and Valentine quit together at the end of September. By early October all but one skinny sweet pepper plant, and some basil, ragged but still hanging in there, are all that’s left of the summer. Oh, that and a pumpkin we have nicknamed Caesar for its drive to expand regardless of weather, water and physical barriers.

As you can see from the photo, Caesar is doing very well. The entire southern half of the keyhole garden belongs to it, and it’s doing it’s best to invade the sunny northwestern section where the last of the peppers and basil still grow.

Ultimately. however, I think Caesar is going to fall like Genghis Khan, from nature, not an enemy. The longer nights are giving the powdery mildew a chance to get hold on the shadier side of the bed, which is starting to impact its progress. Either way, I planted some peas up front because I can’t stand to see bed space go unused.

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