I’ve been busy lately. Building stuff, fixing stuff, working. The sort of head down, day-in-day-out stuff that makes you forget what day it is. Or, increasingly, what year.

Anyway, this morning I did my daily peek into the greenhouse to make sure everything was okay. It’s a quick check because this time of year it’s a depressing place with very few plants and lots of empty pots and trays I know I have to clean up (someday). So I stick my head in, scan the potting benches piled with crap, and boom — right there in the middle is my Orange Marmalade Aloe, glowing like a nuclear alien, throwing up 12-inch stalk, as candy orange as the plant itself.

Orange Marmalade Aloe in bloom

So I took a few minutes out of whatever it was I was supposed to be doing and spent it enjoying this friggin’ awesome plant.

Snapped me right out of that work-fog I’ve been in.