We’re on a quest to find out if we can raise all our own fresh food organically in a mid-sized suburban garden

What’s growing in the vegetable garden as of April 26, 2021

It’s the third week since we began our experiment in getting all of our food (well, everything except meat, dairy and staple grains) from our suburban garden. The vegetable garden is off to a good start with 15 of the 22 raised bed segments planted with a good mix of both short season, and and long season vegetables. Better yet, other than a couple of insects gnawing on the cabbage a bit, we’ve had no trouble with pests (including the furry hopping and burrowing root-eating kind.

Here’s the vegetable garden the day we planted it (April 4th and over the weekend (April 25th).

April 4, 2021April 25, 2021

Other than the basil (center, front) it’s still too early to be harvesting, but the zucchini has begun to flower, so we should have new veggies in a couple of weeks.

Beyond the vegetables, you can also see that the blackberries (upper right) are in full flower meaning by June we’ll be picking fresh berries as well.

While the vegetable garden is just beginning to pick up steam, however, we are feasting on plenty of fresh food thanks to our amazing keyhole garden.

“Lush” doesn’t even begin to describe the keyhole garden right now

Out of this bed we’re currently harvesting peas, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, dill, parsley and cilantro. Straightneck squash, broccoli, bell peppers, bush beans and tomatoes are also growing and will be taking over for the early spring crop as soon as it’s done.