While cleaning out the spent peas and lettuce in the keyhole garden, I found a hidden cache of Cherokee Wax Beans. Not enough to make a meal out of, but more than I want to go to waste. The answer? Pinchos de encurtidos, of course!

Ok it sounds fancy, but it’s really just a style of Tapas (the words are Spanish for “pickled snacks”). Grab a few veggies (it doesn’t matter what), toss them in a jar and cover with brine (I’m going low acid to preserve the flavor).

Refrigerate for a week to allow the flavors to mingle, and boom! you’ve got delicious finger foods.

Serve them along side some crusty bread, funky cheese and charcuterie, and you’ve got an awesome Mediterranean meal that makes you feel both rico and suave.

Here’s mine just poured into the brine.

vegetables in a pickle jar

Vegetable tapas – pickled snacks

It’s mostly Cherokee wax beans, but there’s also baby zucchini, baby scallop squash, green bunching onions, baby broccoli and a few small carrots.

A week from now they’ll be delicious!