a bell pepper on a plant

He was going orange, but quit halfway

Back in July I planted a half dozen or so California Wonder bell pepper plants in the keyhole garden so we’d have fresh sweet peppers in early fall. Every other pepper plant produced nice, green peppers, with just a hint of purple blush at the shoulder.

Except for one pepper on one plant.

He started turning orange last month while he was still little. I had thought he’d go all orange like some other bell pepper varieties, but he didn’t.

Striped frying pepper

Instead he went half and half — two lobes are orange and two are green (with just a blush of yellow at the bottom).

Weird but wonderful.

I had some frying peppers a couple of years ago that were striped, but I’ve never seen a pepper go halfsies on it’s coloring.

I wonder if it doesn’t identify as a California Wonder pepper, but an Estonian one from the city of Tõrva (obscure, I know, but look at the flag).