Last Updated: November 6, 2019

Let’s back up to March

Back in mid-March I set up a camera to record our cleaning out of the winter garden in preparation of spring planting. What I ended up with was about 9 hours of super boring video of my daughter and I (along with an occasional visit from a dog and my wife) wandering around pulling, weeding and cleaning. So I dumped the video into a folder on my computer and pretty much forgot about it.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was standing in the vegetable garden noting how grown and lush everything was and thinking “wouldn’t it be interesting see a time lapse video from the day we first planted four months ago up until today.” Of course, I didn’t have photos from every day between then and now, so that wasn’t going to happen. But then I did recall I had all that video from the weekend we first got started. So I went back to my computer, brought up the video and ran it through a “hyperlapse” program that squished the video down from 9 hours to a little under five minutes.

The video is still pretty boring, but if you’re looking to waste five minutes, there’s worse ways to do it.

(If you watch right around the 1:12 mark you’ll see my daughter and I stop and follow something around the sky. A Cooper’s hawk had been sitting in a tree right next to us and suddenly jumped out, chased a finch and snagged it out of the sky. Nature. Pretty cool.)

Here’s a few photos of the garden’s evolution from the day of planting (April 1) up to yesterday (June 25).