Fresh dill hung to dry. Darker green (1 and 3) is Fernleaf, lighter green (2 and 4) is Bouquet

Because of a gross miscalculation in the time to maturity between dill and pickling cucumbers, I am now drying about 3lbs of dill while the cucumbers haven’t even shown signs of flowering.

That said, I usually grow Mammoth Dill and let it run like a weed down in the herb garden, so I’m used to tall, leggy dill. But because I was growing it in the keyhole garden this time around, I wanted something more compact and leafy, so I planted two varieties, Bouquet and Fernleaf.

Both grew to be about 15 inches before they started to bolt and produced dense bunches of leafy stems. Fernleaf is a dark, almost blue-green, plant that looks quite nice. I bet it’d be a nice bedding accent among bright flowers.

Bouquet dill, on the other hand, is a lighter green and a little less compact, but it smells and tastes great. I can see why this one is a favorite among dill fans.

Anyway, I’m off to start more dill in the greenhouse now (I might even play a little Run-DMC while I do it).

Hopefully by the time it’s ready, the cucumbers will be too.