31 03, 2020

Red Ripe Ruby Perfection Cabbage

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Coming to the last of the winter veggies in the keyhole garden. This sexy beast is a ruby perfection red cabbage. Absolutely gorgeous, full-sized plant with a nice tight purple ball in the center. Ruby Perfection red ball cabbage - a full-sized red cabbage It's supposed to be sunny and warm all week, so this is going to make some great coleslaw this weekend.

26 03, 2020

The Four Ducksketeers

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Mamma hatched these four and their sister two years ago this month. Mamma is a Swedish Blue duck and dad's a mallard. Together they made these fashionably gray-tonal boys (their sister looks like mamma). They still hang out together but they don't do much other than eat, hangout and get into trouble, so we call them the "Ducksketeers". Clockwise from top left, that's Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D'Artagnen.

24 03, 2020

Natives and Newcomers

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Wildflowers, some native, some not, growing among the weeds in spring 2020 The wildflowers are a mixed bag, but they're better than weeds There's a strip of The Acre that borders chaparral and oak surrounding the pond. Technically, it's "defensible space" mandated by the fire department, so it's supposed to be cleared of weeds and growth in the fire season, which is roughly June to October when things are dry and hot. But during the winter and early spring it  [keep reading...]

17 03, 2020

Keyhole Garden Progress – March 17, 2020

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Warm weather followed by a week of rain has really kicked the leafy greens into high gear. On the front left you can see the remainder of the romaine heads giving one last push. Meanwhile on the right, it's a motley assortment of loose leaf greens, spinach and cilantro. One head of broccoli remains as does the red cabbage (back and center right). The dill I have planted around the perimeter of the compost bin (center) is thick, leafy and  [keep reading...]

17 03, 2020

Rainbow for St Patrick’s Day

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Walked out to the front yard first thing this morning and was greeted by a rainbow. Since it's St Patrick's Day I'm sure there's a leprechaun and a pot of gold to be had at one end or the other. If it weren't for this whole "stay at home, Coronavirus" thing, I'm might actually go look for it. Might be able to trade gold for toilet paper.

15 03, 2020

Hummingbird Sage Colony

By |2020-03-15T11:49:39-07:00March 15th, 2020|Garden, Photos|

I started with two small Hummingbird sages (Salvia spathacea) in March of last year, planting them in my native garden on the south side of the house. This particular spot happens to be in the shade of a pine and a large blue gum eucalyptus, two tress notorious for their ability to keep other things from growing under them. Fortunately, Hummingbird sage is a California native that thrives on the floor of oak forests, so the pine and eucalyptus were  [keep reading...]

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