Gardener’s Log : Keyhole Garden day 610.

I wish I could say that everything in the garden is as peachy as it was a year ago at this time, but I can’t. It’s not even close.

The weather has been weird. Hot and dry during the day, near freezing at night. No rain (except for one time a month ago). This bake/freeze cycle did in all the lettuce and spinach seedlings, and all but two of the broccoli seedlings, both of which look to be stuck in neutral.

The basil and one frying pepper continue to hang on, but they both look ragged and beaten. The Tom Thumb peas flowered quick early, produced a few pods, and now they’re done too.

The only thing that seems to no really case is one Howden pumpkin plant that, for whatever reason, has suddenly started growing and flowering again.

A Howden pumpkin flowering in December

Weird indeed.

Anyway, my next move is to start the winter vegetables in the greenhouse and only move them to the keyhole garden after they’ve got three or four sets of leaves. Hopefully they’ll have a better survival rate than the current batch.