A man's hand holding three chicken eggs

Kevin the chicken lays adorably small eggs

A short time ago I posted about a tiny chicken that showed up out of nowhere and made itself at home with the rest of the flock.

a chicken in front of a chicken coop door

Kevin the mystery chicken

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we still don’t know where Kevin (that’s what we named it) came from, or what Kevin’s breed is (though we are leaning toward Sebright, maybe?), but we do now know a few other things including:

1) Kevin is a hen (duh, eggs).

2) Kevin is young (6 eggs in 6 days is a young chicken thing).

3) Kevin has some adorably small eggs (I can fit 4 in my hand, easy).

Some of the other ladies of the coop, who’ve been lounging on their fluffy feathered behinds for the past few weeks, could take a queue from her work ethic.

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