The last sunset of summer seen through clouds

The last sunset of summer 2023. Photo taken at 6:45PM September 22, 2023

As is my habit, I strolled outside to get a photo of the last sunset of the season.

This one kind of ended with a whimper. After weeks of heat and humidity that was merely annoying instead of debilitating, it got cloudy and cool. Nothing other than the high 70’s in the day. Nights are in the mid-50’s.

And now, with only 6 hours left of summer, it’s raining and in the 60’s.

Not much of an end, but an end nonetheless.

Sidenote: There’s one wild Calendula left in the field. I guess it didn’t get the message about the seasons ending.

A single flower in an empty field

Summer’s gone but this Calendula won’t leave