Batch 20 Hot Sauce – Entry 4

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I picked about two pounds of the Hidden Lake Hot peppers (Thai/Cayenne) this morning for this week’s addition to the ferment on Batch 20 of the hot sauce.

It turned out to be way too much for the 2 gallon glass fermenter, so I moved the whole lot of them to a food grade 5 gallon bucket with a lid and airlock. As you can see from the photo, the bucket is about 2/3rds full of the peppers and brine, but I expect it to settle to about half-full when the peppers get softer after a little time fermenting.

There’s still plenty of ripening hot peppers in the garden, and a lot of the plants are flowering again, so I know this bucket will be completely full in December when I add the oak and put it away to rest until spring.

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