This little bantam rooster turned 14 back in March. He looks even more magnificent today.

A 14 year old chicken

Gaucho at age 14 looks amazing

Me n’ Gaucho have been friends a long time — More than 14 years to be exact.

As a señor citizen, his spurs are long so he walks funny, and he’s not as active as he once was, but I still find him in remote corners of the yard scratching around and doing important rooster stuff.

Gaucho raking a garden bed for me

He’s also the only chicken that regularly follows me around. He “worked” with me to turn a raised bed in the vegetable garden the other day.

This morning morning he wandered the yard with me as we changed out the feeders and water for the rest of the poultry. Then we had brunch down by the shed. I had coffee and a muffin, Gaucho enjoyed some scratch tossed on the ground just the way he likes it.

His plumage in the late spring morning sun looks resplendent. Hard to believe he’s closing in on the record for world’s oldest chicken.

Give us crow, Gaucho