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20 08, 2015

Late summer harvest

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Summer still has a month to go, but the garden is starting to look tired. All the heat and sun has the spring plantings kicking out their last. I won't be planting anything new until mid-September when fall crops will have a better chance of surviving. In the meantime, I'm happy that we're still harvesting grapes, tomatoes, squash, peppers, lemons [...]

16 08, 2015

Best Pepper Pickling Recipe

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I grow a ridiculous amount of peppers every year. Hot, sweet, large, small, round, bell, horn -- if it's a pepper, I'm probably growing it somewhere in the garden. In order to have some for the winter I do a lot of pepper drying, canning, packing, and, or course, pickling. Over the years I've tried a bunch of different methods [...]

21 06, 2015

Perlette Table Grape

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I bought a dozen 1 year old table grape vines from Peaceful Valley Farms last year (a real deal at just $5 a vine). Last year they didn't do much. I let them run wild and get established. This past winter I pruned and trellised them and have tried to keep them trained on the trellis. Looks like the work [...]

14 06, 2015

Alstroemeria gone wild

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Several years ago my wife was given this Peruvian Lily as a houseplant. It didn't do particularly well in the house (in fact, I thought it was dead), so I dumped it into the garden near the strawberry planter. Not only was the plant not dead, but it thrives in the dry soil and treats us to this show every [...]

29 05, 2015

Red Onion Harvest

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The ruby ring onions I planted this past winter ready to harvest. I pulled them up and will allow them to dry before tying them up. In total I got about 50 really nice red onions. Considering I bought this seed on sale for 99 cents, I got a real nice return on my investment.

23 05, 2015

Trailing Blackberries

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This is a native trailing blackberry. Usually you find it down along the creeks. I transplanted a few along my lower fence line 20 years ago and the blackberries have never looked back. Tis year the ground squirrels and I are in a battle to see who will get to eat more of them. So far the squirrels are winning.