Hanging Gourd Garden 2.0

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Gourd vines

Gourd vines climbing up the trellis in the hanging garden

The warm weather kicked the gourd plant’s growth into overdrive. One plant already crossed the supports over the raised bed and made it the trellises. As a result, I had to hurry up and pull last year’s gourds down before they got buried under fresh vines.

Now that I’m done, I’ve got a wheelbarrow full of assorted dry gourds and another 15 green ones hanging on the fence to cure.

For this year’s hanging garden, in addition to the bottle, canteen and dipper gourds from last year, I added luffas to the mix. They’re a little behind the others in terms of growth, but I have no doubt they’ll catch up in a couple weeks.

Come mid-summer this should be a leafy, shady oasis in the desert heat.

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